So what have I been working on lately? Unfortunately I still can’t share! Argh! I’ve been so excited about this book and I’ve hated not being able to talk about it more as I’ve been drafting. Soon, though, I promise!

One detail that I can share is that it’s scheduled to come out this summer — right now it’s tentatively a June 2019 release, but that’s still a little up in the air as the publisher finalizes its schedule. Once I have a firm date and a cover and all that fun stuff, believe me I’ll be posting it everywhere!

In the meantime, if you’ve been over on my Instagram, you’ve gotten a few (very very few) hints about my current project. In case you missed them, here they are (I warned you there weren’t that many!):

Dead Air
NOTE: I did, in fact, write an ending.
NOTE: Unfortunately, the light cannibalism idea did not make it into the final draft. Next time!!
NOTE: First draft of the manuscript way back when, all printed out and ready to be attacked. And attack it I did!